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Ain't No Love There!

I received this in my inbox a few days ago. I am posting it with the permission of the reader.


Ms Glenda, I am one of those people who read your blogs all the time, but never comment. I just ordered your book and can't wait to get it because I swear I need it right now. I am so embarrassed for what I'm about to tell you. Right now, I feel cheap, used and my self esteem is so low.

I've been dating a man that I work with for the past 3 months. I consider our relationship to be okay. We see each other maybe once or twice a week. He tells me that he is in love with me, but sometimes I'm not sure. Last night he called me at 11:30 and asked me to come over. I was already in bed, so I asked him why he didn’t come over to my house. He said because he's already in bed and didn't want to get up then he said, "Oh by the way, can you stop by Wendy's and get me a double cheese meal cause I'm kinda hungry." Needless to say, the closest Wendy's is 10 minutes out of the way and it's pouring down raining, but because I do love him, I do it. When I finally get to his place he answers the door and takes the food out of my hand. I follow him as he returns to the bed to eat and I sit watching him from the chair. When he's done he tells me to take my clothes off, which I do. Read More...

When Should Someone Disclose that they have Served Time in Prison?

Recently I had a conversation with a man who confessed that he was having problems establishing relationships with women because when he tells them that he has served 20 years in prison, they immediately want nothing else to do with him. Not even conversation!

So he asked me if he should wait until the relationship becomes more serious before disclosing this piece of information.

Now, I definitely disagree with his way of thinking. First of all, I've been in this situation on several occasions. No, I've never dated a convicted felon, but I've known men who have misrepresent themselves at the beginning of the relationship, then later, as the relationship or marriage progressed the truth came out. Many women can relate to the disappointment of discovering that her partner has intentionally withheld important information from her.

I'm not being judgmental when I speak about convicted felons; people make bad decisions every day. It is understood by most, that after serving time, you are considered to have "paid your debt to society", but there is something wrong if you're not being upfront and totally honest with someone you are pursuing a relationship with. Read More...

Let's Talk About Sex!

Okay ladies, we have established how men feel about sex. Sex is one of a man’s basic needs. Sometimes, their minds are constantly preoccupied with thoughts about sex throughout a day. It doesn’t matter what his day consists of, sex is never far from his mind. He can have a big project due at work, yet he will still find time to think of sex.

 I have never met a man who has refused or had no interest in sex, but on the flip side of that, it is important to recognize that sex alone will not get him to put that ring on your finger. I don't care how good it is.
One important thing to remember when it comes to sex is that you are in control. A man can only connect with you sexually if you allow him to. Women will always have that power over a man. Unfortunately, some women abuse that power. Some women use sex as a bargaining tool. It is a big taboo that men feel that women give it up initially to get him, but as the relationship progresses, men claim that women tend to withhold sex or ration sexual favors in order to get what she wants. READ MORE...

Reasons Why Your "First" Date Should Never Take Place at Your Home or His!

* Don't let your first date with a man take place at your home or his!

Do not allow yourself to be enticed with the invitation of a home cooked dinner prepared by him. Yeah, I know it sounds inviting, but if he cannot take you out then pass on seeing him altogether.

Men tend to think of the first date as being expensive; he already knows that you expect him to impress you so he knows he will have to spend some money. However, since he doesn’t know if you are worth it he may opt for an at home movie night and takeout pizza, which will give him an opportunity to feel you out without making a dent in his wallet.

Chances are if you allow him into your home before he ever takes you out, you run the risk of falling into a sexual relationship sooner than you intended. This situation is a no-no for many reasons. You are already sexually attracted to each other and under the right circumstances it is bound to get physical. It might start out simple; kissing, touching, a caress here and there and then one thing leads to another then before you know it … sex happens! Ladies! Do not put yourself in a situation that you may not be ready for.

Ok, now let’s just say that it happened. You got caught up in the moment and ended up sleeping with him sooner than you planned. It’s okay, don’t freak out. Whatever you do, do not turn into an after-sex stalker. An after-sex stalker tries to overcompensate for allowing sex too soon by constantly ringing his phone off the hook, texting every few minutes, wanting to know when the two of you will be getting together again. READ MORE...

Do Women "Train" Men to Lie?

Recently I've had some deep conversations with a male friend. It seems that some men have the belief that women TRAIN their men to lie. I was also informed by a man that ALL men LIE!

My friend explained what he meant by women train men to lie. He said a woman may ask her man's opinion on how she looks in a new dress and he might say "Honey, I don't really like that dress on you." Now she's upset by the comment but doesn't verbalize it.

Later that night while in bed he reaches over and attempts to have sex with her. She is still upset about his earlier remark about the dress, so she turns her back to him indicating she doesn't want to be touched.

One week later she gets a new hair style and asks her man what he thinks. Her man remembering the last time he was denied sex for giving his honest opinion, comments that he likes her new hair style, whether he does or not!...READ MORE...

Why Did "YOU" Get Married?

There is a lot of excitement buzzing about today’s opening of Tyler Perry’s new movie 'Why Did I Get Married Too.' Many of us will be in attendance to support Tyler Perry as he debuts the sequel to his 2007 hit movie ‘Why Did I Get Married?' Perry is an extremely brilliant film maker who never fails to bring the realism of marriage and relationships across in his movies.

I decided to repost a blog that was originally written and posted a few years ago which was inspired by ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ READ MORE...

How to Get Him to Put That Ring on Your Finger in 365 Days Or Less!

A few weeks ago, I decided to unveil my upcoming book “How to Get Him to Put That Ring on Your Finger in 365 Days Or Less!” which will be released in a few weeks.

I am so excited by the interest that this book is generating. I receive emails daily, from women readers asking “When is it coming out?” or “How can I get an advanced copy?” One lady even said she would gladly pay for a copy of my manuscript because she needs help NOW! (lol)

Every woman has a uniqueness that’s all her own. In this book, I teach you how to use your God given ability to get that special man to put that ring on your finger in 365 days or less.

This book was inspired by you, my readers who sent countless emails and letters asking for advice on how to convince your man to commit to marriage. And before you start thinking that this book is all about sex, it’s not. A smart woman knows that sex alone will not make a man want to marry you. I don’t care how good it is. (lol)

Most any woman can find a man who’ll have sex with her, but the real test is, will he marry you? After applying the principles in my book, he will!

But don’t take my word for it . . . READ MORE...
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